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    "I would like to take this time to highly recommend Beth Lendrum. I have been working with Beth for three years. She has saved me on more than one occasion. Recovery from surgery was much easier because of sessions with her. I recently found myself completely overwhelmed and I used Beth’s 4 Minute Flow. Not only was I able to calm myself down, but I fell asleep and the next day I had more energy than I had had in days. Her story is so powerful and uplifting. The tools that she gives you allow you to take yourself to the next level and work on your own issues. Beth’s positivity and compassion makes it a joyful experience. Her use of essential oils enhance the experience. Beth offers the whole package and I can’t thank her enough." - LIZ C., Accountant, Folsom CA

    Beth Lendrum, creator of the 4 Minute Flow.

    About Beth

    “Shift worry into confidence, fear into flow, sadness into joy, and anger into harmony.” BETH LENDRUM

    Beth Lendrum is in the business of sharing her 4-Minute Flow self-care method with as many people as possible, so they can learn her simple technique for alleviating stress and anxiety in their lives. Her path to becoming a wellness educator and healer began after experiencing a serious health challenge. Knowing she needed to travel beyond traditional medicine for her recovery, Beth dedicated herself to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient healing methods.


    10k hours distilled into 4 minutes


    Beth traveled the world and devoted herself to learning about the essence of all well-being, energy. In Japan, she studied Jin Shin Jyutsu® with Kato Sensei, the last living master of this ancient, hands-on healing art. As she applied the principles and techniques of what she was learning, Beth’s practice grew. And as her practice grew, a common theme arose...stress. Her clients came in to see her for different reasons; many came in for relief from pain; others to recover faster from sports injuries; and yet others, for dealing with grief. But there was that common denominator...stress. Consistently, after a few sessions and direction in Beth’s self-care techniques, these clients began to thrive. Their professional lives became more productive, life at home was more fun, and their relationships began to flow with ease. Beth distilled those thousands of hours studying, healing and teaching into the 4-Minute Flow.


    Powerful and simple self-care


    Beth’s 4-Minute Flow and other liberating Self-Care techniques give her clients the tools to let go of their stress, diminish their anxiety, sleep better, and have a more fulfilling life. These tools are easy to implement, and create powerful results. EveryBody is worthy of four minutes!


    Beth is a CMP-Certified Massage Practitioner #33124; a Jin Shin Jyutsu Certified Practitioner;

    and Director of Membership and Meeting Facilitator for the Women In Networking board.

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