• Accelerate the Healing Process
    Decrease your pain and anxiety. Increase your energy.

    Private Sessions with Beth

    Accelerate your healing process with private sessions with Beth Lendrum.

    When something troubles you—whether it’s a chronic or acute physical ailment, or emotional distress—it’s important to get to the root cause of the pain. Because Beth views your health through both Eastern and Western lenses, aspects of the pain that were hidden are discovered and addressed.


    Private sessions with Beth can help prepare your body for surgery and accelerate recovery. Strengthen and harmonize your body to be more physically and emotionally ready for surgery.


    After surgery, sessions can help you recover faster with less pain and process medications more easily and, often, reduce the need for medications.


    There is also an emotional component to recovering from surgery. By calming your emotions and helping you feel more at ease, private sessions with Beth can free your body to focus all of its energy on healing.


    Beth unites proven Eastern Body Philosophy with Western Knowledge to help you mend. Deeply rooted in the ancient Eastern practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Beth acknowledges the importance of emotional and physical balance regarding your health.

    You can enlist Beth's help wherever you are.

    Phone sessions are as effective as those in person.

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