4 Minute Flow

    Powerful Self-Care You Can Do Anywhere

    Imagine how you would feel and what you could accomplish

    without all that stress and anxiety.

    The Benefits

    "The Four Minute Flow has totally changed my sleep patterns! The first time I tried the Four Minute Flow I felt a huge difference. I immediately felt totally settled. Like a ballerina who had been up on her tippy toes for too long and when I came down I was grounded. And my self-flagellating was really diminished. Now I fall asleep quickly and if I wake up in the middle of the night I use the Four Minute Flow and I fall right back to sleep. I am running on more natural energy instead of all adrenaline.


    "I am truly amazed that we can change our entire state of being with our hands and breathing. Beth taught me other flows to use as well. I have been searching for tools to help me sleep at night and give me a boost of energy during a long day of rehearsals and now I have one. I highly recommend Beth Lendrum and her self-care processes."


    MAYA NIKA B., Actress, London


    The 4-Minute Flow unites proven Eastern Body Philosophy with Western Knowledge to help you de-stress. There are many natural outcomes to being less stressed and anxious. For example, having more clarity and direction to move forward, quicker recovery times, greater resilience, more restful sleep, less pain, more joy, and greater calm and confidence.


    Deeply rooted in the ancient Eastern practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the 4-Minute Flow addresses your emotional and physical balance for better health and increased happiness. A wellness practice that works, Beth Lendrum’s 4-Minute Flow is easy to integrate into your everydays.

    Sleep better with the 4 Minute Flow.

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