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    Free of Chronic Foot Pain and Back on the Court

    An injured high school basketball player came to Beth after several months in physically therapy without relief. After two treatments of care, she was back on the court. The chronic foot pain was gone. Now, when she suffers an injury on or off the court, she enlists Beth for a private session.


    “Our daughter Jenn suffered several injuries playing high school basketball. Physical Therapy had given her minimal relief, along with taking pain relievers and ice baths, and using heating pads and foam rollers.


    “After several months, she was still in pain, so we decided to take her to Beth. We did not want her to keep taking so much medication. Beth was a very pleasant surprise! She took careful notes on Jenn’s pain and history and told us what to expect during and after her sessions. She followed up after each session to see how Jenn was doing. The most gratifying comment from Jenn after each session was that she felt so much better after she was done. She not only felt better with her injured areas but her whole body felt so much better.


    “We are so appreciative of Beth and her kind approach, especially with teenage athletes, and highly recommend her.”


    —L.I. , MD and —D.H., MD



    Liberated from Fatigue and Chronic Digestive Pain

    When this client first came in for a private session, she couldn’t walk up stairs without becoming fatigued and didn’t have the energy to take care of her children. She had also been suffering from chronic digestive problems. She now leads a full life, working and taking care of her family. And she has the energy for some fun!


    “I walked into church Sunday night, as I had done for the past year, very stiff, slow, and wondering if this is the night my heart would stop. I sat next to my friend whom I have known for several years. Her husband is an ER physician. She asked me if my back was hurting. She told me I was walking very stiff. I told her no, and said I couldn’t breathe well. I told her I had not been doing well for the past two years. I didn’t tell many people about it, because I knew my symptoms were odd. I told her my heart beats were irregular and fast. I could not walk up stairs or even a small incline without feeling as though I would pass out. I could not pick up my little boys or bend down to dress, wash or take care of them without my heart beating faster and feeling more short of breath. I was dizzy most of the time. Every day I felt I would die. My symptoms were more severe when I woke up in the morning, when I ate, when I went to the bathroom and at so many other random times. I told her my family physician diagnosed me with depression, anxiety and constipation. I knew I was not depressed or anxious and was not a constipated person. I had been menstruating more than not for the past two years, however all my blood work was normal. I had been to the ER three times in the past two years with a heart rate of 150. I was tested for heart issues, blood clots, diabetes, thyroid function and adrenal gland function. Of course all was normal. I continued to work, because I had to. I told her I was at a loss. She asked more about how I was feeling and suggested I contact an acupressurist, Beth. She had treated with Beth and had success. Her husband refers patients to her.


    “My family physician could not do anything for me, since all my lab work was normal. That is understandable. However, I was not functioning on a normal level at all.


    “I called Beth that night and set up a consult on Friday, my day off work. When I arrived, I filled out a consult questionnaire about my symptoms. I had so many. It was embarrassing to list everything I was feeling, at age 38. It was very difficult to talk and breathe at the same time to explain my symptoms to Beth. For the past year, I had done very little talking because of that. I was shaky and weak.


    “Beth was very understanding and compassionate. She made me feel safe. She listened. She had something different to offer. I finally felt that there was hope.


    “Beth gave me a dietary plan to help improve my symptoms and find out which foods aggravated my symptoms. She recommended books that could help me understand the etiology of my symptoms and how I could improve them. She instructed me on pressure points to hold when I needed help emergently. She examined me. She gave me a body treatment. She used nice smelling oils. For once in a long while, my heart slowed. I felt I could breathe easier. After the session I immediately went to the store to purchase items she suggested. I was eager to start. I had not been to the store in one year. My husband had to do all the shopping. I could not even push a cart. It was difficult being at the store and pretending to feel fine. I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the checkout line. My breathing was very short and uncomfortable. But, I made it and when I got in the car I started drinking and eating the products she suggested. By the next day…I felt a change. I knew this was going to work.


    “I continued to see Beth weekly, then every two weeks. She would ask me about my symptoms each visit. She would do the body work on me. I was getting stronger. I followed her dietary advice very strictly. I believed in her. Beth consulted with other Jin Shin Jyutsu specialists regarding my symptoms and treatment techniques for my symptoms.


    “Eventually, we knew a hysterectomy was necessary for me due to the excessive menstruating that was unresponsive to other medical treatment. But I had to be stronger to make it through surgery. My surgeon told me I was delicate and it would be a risk. Still, my blood work was normal; I was not even registering as anemic. Throughout my life, my body has never followed a normal protocol in regards to my symptoms leading to an easy diagnosis. I have always been difficult to diagnose.


    “I worked with Beth for ten months. My heart rate and breathing were improving. My intestinal health was improving. My energy level was increasing. I could hold my little boys for a short time. She got me to the point where I was comfortable to proceed with surgery. I had the hysterectomy in November 2012. I made it through the surgery well without incident. My surgeon was very happy with the ease of the surgery. Pain medication does not work adequately on me and Beth was able to guide me through pain control as well.


    “I saw Beth again about one month after the surgery. I cannot thank her enough for getting me to this point. I am blessed to have her in my life. I can now take care of my boys and help my husband with home life. I can work more efficiently, I can walk up stairs and I am more energetic. My colon health is restored. I am continuing with the dietary changes from Beth since they work so well for me. Everyone around me has noticed such a substantial change. Many of them want to know what I have done.


    “I am seeing Beth about every three weeks. She has helped me in so many other ways as well. She has helped decrease my headaches, neck pain, arm tendonitis and muscle pain. Previously, I took Motrin at least daily. Over the past year, I have taken it a few times per month.


    “I will continue my private sessions with Beth on a maintenance basis.. Beth has so much to offer. Her skills are unique. She has studied abroad in China and Japan. I am thankful for her dedication to this specialty. Beth is an amazing person and truly has a gift.”


    —K.C., Physician Assistant


    Pain Eliminated and Shoulder Mobility Restored

    The client was suffering from rotator cuff pain and had little mobility in her shoulder when she first came to Beth for a private session. After the first treatment, she gained 70% of her mobility back. After the second treatment, she was pain free.


    “Beth has an extraordinary ability to relieve physical pain and emotional stress with her healing care. On many occasions, she has helped me recover from injury, most notably a calf muscle tear, chronic rotator cuff pain, and immobility. For two weeks I suffered from a ‘frozen shoulder’ which was extremely painful and left me with only 10% internal rotation. My doctor had been talking to me about getting an MRI and surgery.


    “The day I had my first session, my pain was nearly gone. By the end of the evening, I had regained 70% internal rotation in my shoulder. After the next session, I was completely free of pain and had full use of my arm.


    “Sessions with Beth have had an incredibly positive effect on me emotionally, as well, and I often turn to them to relieve anxiety. The result is that I’m a much happier and productive person.


    M.P., Science Teacher


    Back in the Gym, Free of Plantar Fasciitis-induced Pain

    This client, a new workout enthusiast, had been losing weight. When the pain from plantar fasciitis began to keep her from her workouts, she was worried about slipping into old habits and putting on the weight she had lost. She came to see Beth and, within a few sessions, she was back in the gym, pain free.


    “I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several weeks. It was keeping me from running and even from daily activities!! I was in so much pain. I had seen my regular doctor who put me in a soft cast and prescribed Advil and, possibly, Cortisone shots. I was stretching and icing but nothing was making it better!!


    “I have 2 young boys to run after so I needed to get better FAST!!! I finally ditched the cast and the medications and came to see Beth. I was blown away by her interview with me at our first visit! I had never had any doctor asked me such detailed questions about my health. I began to understand the whole body connection to the condition of my foot. I was so out of sync, my pulse was high, and she discovered right away that I eat a lot of spicy foods just by touching my cheek!!! She was right! I did!! It was truly an amazing experience!


    Beth is fantastic, and puts me at ease. She helped me understand my body. I feel so relaxed after each session. She is easy to talk to and very supportive. She is passionate about what she does and getting her patients healthy and whole in body and spirit. I love that she sends home Self-Health exercises for me to do on my own, so I can help heal myself on a daily basis.


    Well, guess what? After 3 sessions with Beth, I am running again and chasing my kids!!! Completely healed!!!! I feel more balanced and less stressed out. I use Beth’s Self-Health tips daily now and she gave me some techniques to help throughout the day with stress. I love the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu and I am so blessed to have been drawn to have private sessions with Beth!


    —K.M., Dental Hygienist



    Back Injury Rectified

    When this client came to Beth, he was in a lot of pain. He was unable to stand straight and looked like a question mark.


    “I have been going to Beth for the last several years. While I must admit that at first I was skeptical, I am now a true believer. I had injured my back on a trampoline and could not straighten. After 45 minutes with Beth, I was able to stand up straight again.


    “Ever since then, I have turned to sessions with Beth when something hurts or I just don’t feel ‘right.’ In each case, I’ve recovered very quickly. Whether turning to Beth for help in addition to or in place of doctor’s visits and medication, Beth has never let me down. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”



    Shoulder Pain Gone, Renewal After Chemo, and Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Lessened

    My husband and I have been visiting Beth for almost 6 months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and underwent a simple mastectomy and six sessions of chemotherapy. My energy level was low and I was concerned with cleansing my body of the toxins that had been a part of my life for the previous 5 months. I also had chronic pain in my right shoulder – a frozen shoulder coming on.


    My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 4 years ago and experiences minimal tremors but has rigidity and non-motor symptoms affecting posture, facial expression, speech and optimal functioning of body systems.


    Beth’s gentle application of Jin Shin Jyutsu combined with essential oil therapy has proven very successful for both of us. My shoulder pain is gone and I feel like my old self – full of energy and enthusiasm. Ron is more limber and also has more energy after sessions with Beth.



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