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    LET GO

    of worry, fear, anger and sadness,

    and trying too hard to impress.


    Stress less. Sleep better. Rejuvenate.

  • "I had Beth Lendrum’s contact information for approximately 2 years before I was willing to try something to change my life. I was not exactly clear on what she did, but I had a number of recommendations from friends who knew my situation and told me I had to call her.


    "It was just about one year ago today that I had my first appointment and introduction to Beth and Jin Shin Jyutsu. I remember hardly being able to speak for fear of busting open the dam of tears that I was holding inside. I was in crisis mode and could barely breathe. By the time I left that day I knew I had found the answer. I have been a regular client for the past year. I love that Beth’s goal is to teach people how to help themselves out in the real world. Using her 4 Minute Flow technique, I have been able to put myself to sleep at night, back to sleep in the middle of the night and get through some challenging situations with family and life in general. Best of all, I can truly say that every aspect of my life has dramatically improved and I owe it all to Beth and the skills she has taught me to help myself.


    "I always say, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I am eternally grateful to have found Beth and the 4 Minute Flow."


    - WENDY M.

    Try It. It's Free.


    4 Minute Flow Guide

    Do  the 4 Minute Flow when you travel.

    Where can I do the 4 Minute Flow?

    On the Go!

    Riding the train + On an airplane + During a meeting + Lying in bed

    At the movie theater + In the car + In the hospital + At the salon + ...


    You get the idea.

    Anywhere. Everywhere.

    Do the 4 Minute Flow during meetings.

    How often?

    As Often As You Like!

    Beth recommends at least twice per day. (Hint: For a more restful sleep, do the 4-Minute Flow before going to bed. For more energy all day, do the 4-Minute Flow before you get out of bed in the morning.)

    Try It. It's Free.


    4 Minute Flow Guide